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We all have a history to look back to either in our day to day living, our business, career and many other factors surrounding our lives. No matter how dark the history is, it must have some positive side of it. When it comes to business, our beginning is always full of many challenges and many hurdles to jump. However, with time, things change and we start enjoying the fruits of our labor.

In the same way, we at Isabasu escort agency we also have our own history. It might look faded and hard to understand for others but to us that is our beauty. We are more proud of where we have come from than where we are for that has become the foundation of our success.

We have several escorts that we hold with very high regard. Not because they are better than the rest but because they formed the foundation of our success as an agency. These are the female escorts who joined us when we were kicking off as an agency.

Although many of them have already quit and started working as independent escorts in Bangalore, we still offer them a covering. Due to the many challenges involved in working as a Bangalore independent escort, many independent escorts prefer working under an agency.

How does an independent escort work under an agency?

I know this might be the question lingering in many people’s mind. This is because, in our understanding an independent escort operates as a individual entity and she is her own boss. On the other hand, escorts working under agencies are controlled and governed by the rules and regulations of the agency.

Many independent escorts are opting working under agencies for safety purposes. Although they are still working as their own bosses, they work and operate under the rules and regulations set by the agency.

The agency provides them with a cover, screens their clients on their behalf and will sometimes get them clients who call the agency and request for an independent escort. In return, the escort is expected to pay the agency a certain amount annually or monthly depending on their agreement.

Bangalore independent escorts operating under agencies tend to get more clients compared to those operating and individual entities. This is because; many clients feel more safe and comfortable dealing with them because their security is assured by the agency.

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